Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ah, Greece!

In September, one of my dreams became a reality when Brent and I left for a fantasy vacation to the Greek Isles. I remember my mom gave me a book about Greece ten years ago for a Christmas present and ever since then, I knew I had to go there one day! Well, on September 6th we left for a nine day trip to Mykonos, Santorini and a day in Athens. Although getting to the islands took about thirty hours, all the jet lag in the world was worth the scenery that awaited us. Cobblestone streets, white-washed buildings and blue-domed roofs dotted the landscape of the Greek Isles. But Santorini, ah beautiful Santorini was like living in a postcard. Perched high above soaring cliffs and overlooking a deep blue caldera, the island of Santorini has moved to the top of my list of the most beautiful places in the world (almost tied with Bora Bora). There is a reason why almost everyone we met was either on their honeymoon or getting married there. I have never seen such amazing pink and red sunsets that contrasted with jagged brown cliffs that overlooked the deep, blue water or infinity pools that made it seem like that blue water went on forever. After nine days, I was not ready to say goodbye to sleeping in, yummy gyros, breathtaking views, but above all fun in paradise with my boo. I hope some of the pictures capture the beauty of what we experienced.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Although summer in Texas is fun, it's also really HOT! So hot that sometimes I feel like I'm going to melt. So in July I was actually looking forward to our national sales meeting in St. Louis because at least there it was only 85 degrees! So while I was enjoying the "cool" weather in St. Louis, Brent was busy creating magic like usual in his edit suite in hot Texas. That is, until he got a call on Thursday morning asking if he would be so kind to fly to LA that night to help produce the JET concert at The House of Blues that weekend. So when he called me to tell me about his last minute business trip to California, I got so excited! You see, since I was already on a business trip, my company will fly me "home" to anywhere. So instead of returning home to hot Texas on Friday, I flew to sunny California aka "home" for the weekend. In a way, it is home for both of us, because Brent was actually born in California and growing up, we both spent many summers and holidays visiting our grandparents in Northern California. So on Friday night, I flew into LAX and took a cab up to the House of Blues in Anaheim aka Disney Land just in time to enjoy the concert with Brent. The next day, our free vacation began! We jumped into his rental car and cruised down the California highway to LA with the cool breeze in our hair, but first stop, In-N-Out Burgers! After our stomachs were full of of yummy burgers and shakes, we checked into our fabulous hotel along the beach in LA and hopped on some bicycles that the hotel provided. We rode almost 13 miles along the beach and water down to Manhattan Beach, stopping for Brent to take a dip in the ocean and then luckily stumbled upon the AVP volleyball tournament. After our day of fun in the sun, we got dressed up for a night out in LA and had the best pizza ever at Mario Battali's Pizzeria Mozza. The only reservation left was at 11:00 pm, but we didn't mind, we eat late anyways! The next morning, but not too early of course after our late night, we drove to Santa Monica to go shopping! Well actually, Iwent shopping and Brent people-watched. :) We weren't too worried about catching our flight home though, because American Airlines called me earlier that Sunday morning and asked if I wouldn't mind taking a flight an hour later and they would put me in first class. Of course I said I would as long as they upgraded Brent as well. So after a weekend of fun in sunny, beautiful California, we hopped on our flight home- first class of course!